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Sans Design

“It is common knowledge that the goose lays a much larger egg than chicken and the nutrients and the overall value of the goose egg is higher than that of the chicken. However, when a goose lays its egg, they remain quiet and no one except the other geese notice that it did such an act. On other hand, the chicken rises such a ruckus that it immediately becomes noticed by all.This crazy and odd story, told by one of my former art professors, had (believe it or not) a lesson behind it. Because the chicken made such a scene when laying the egg, more and more people chose to use chicken eggs, simply because of the better “advertising” it produced. The importance of good marketing and proper adversiting is explained in this simple story of a chicken vs. a goose laying their eggs, thus overall making advertising and marketing a simple concept that influences the world we live in today. How it affects today’s world of modern visual-media makes any type of advertsing necessary for survival. Visual presentation is hands down one of the most important aspects of good advertising because as humans, we tend to gravitate to visual appealing concepts and simple, yet effective marketing strageties can speak volumes for the success a company may endure. As the famous saying goes, A picture is worth a 1000 words… Our job, in which we take much pride in, is to create and manipulate a design solution that can benefit your business and make it recognizable, unique and overall a rememberable experience for your customer. Our expertise and overall large scale experience in this particular field of graphic design, with the help of the agency, leads us to know all the requirements to produce a quality corporate logo as the first visual representation of your company. Every task is taken analicticaly with full respect for customer needs and the nature of the the business. We always strive to provide several solutions and work together along side the customer to choose the most effective and eye-catching option that can best represent the company and gain exceptional business results. Along side our sister companies, we also offer the art of professional photography and industrial design. The overall goal of our mission is to provide you with quality service, proper efficiency and most importantly, communicate YOUR business in the form of art. With plently of tools and resources available to us, we will not fail to make your business stand out and cater to all your needs in order to bring you the most success. Art can be expressed in many different ways, but we strive to express in one way… YOUR way.

About me and my work

My name is Ness Djulbic.I’m a creative freelance graphic & web designer with a healthy and professional approach to idea conception, and a slick attention to detail to help realise an idea’s potential.My specialities are: Logo / brand / stationery design combined illustration, graphic design and web design Typographical design Page layout design for a variety of applications and media Design for advertising and marketing material. My work philosophy is simple:"The best solutions do more than provide answers; they open unexpected possibilities."